Neeq has always been intrigued by the ever-changing and obscure philosophy of existence, which has been her inspiration as a song-writer and lyricist. Through the medium of photography, this curiosity extended to the physical form and the unique features and idiosyncrasies that make human beings living, breathing artworks in themselves.

Neeq explores the plethora of abstract emotions that are undeniable to the human experience, from the perspective of endurists, escapists and anarchists in the modern world. She strives to unveil masks beneath masks to reveal a deeply connected species, united by a sense of universal consciousness.

Winner of the London Loop, “Best in Photography” award (2018) and with portrait work featured at London's Tate Modern (2017), Neeq has a passion for visual story-telling and is currently pursuing various art and documentary photography projects, around themes of subculture, identity and the effects of socio-economic division.

Musically, Neeq is one half of alternative dream-pop duo, PINERO|SERENE, with songwriting partner and renowned bass player, Cheryl Pinero. Their debut EP, "Dark Matter" was released n 12th July 2019 and can be heard via the link below: